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Twenty-Nine Palms v. Bardos remind us of the Importance of a Contractor’s License

In Twenty-Nine Palms Enterprise Corp. v. Bardos (2012), [No. E051769] the Fourth Dist. Court of Appeals issued its ruling affirming a  Judgment against an unlicensed contractor.  This was an Indian tribal corporation’s suit against a construction company seeking to recover money paid for constructing a road and parking lot for a casino, on the ground that defendant was unlicensed at the time of the contract.  Relevantly, B&P Code Section 7031, subdivision (b), provides that an unlicensed contractor must disgorge all compensation earned under a contract.  The Trial Court’s judgment was in favor of the plaintiff owner.  The Court of Appeals affirmed, and found that in relation to contractor licensing:  1) an unlicensed sole proprietor contractor could not use the alter ego doctrine to allow it  to borrow another company’s license as that would be improper use of an equitable doctrine; and 2) there was no triable issue of fact on the issue of substantial compliance with the contractor’s state license laws.  The net result, the owner who paid the unlicensed contractor $751,955.00, now has a judgment to get reimbursed that amount from that unlicensed contractor.  This is a stark reminder to all California contractors, make sure your state contractor’s license is valid and in effect while you are performing construction work.

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